Saturday, February 18th    10pm ET / 9pm CT / 7pm PT

“Thy soul shall find itself alone 

’Mid dark thoughts of the gray tombstone— 

Not one, of all the crowd, to pry 

Into thine hour of secrecy. ” – Edgar Allen Poe

Death itself is a mystery that is only revealed to those who experience it firsthand. When death comes unexpectedly or without warning, many questions can still remain – sometimes even to the dead themselves. Let’s be honest, we all like a good mystery, but when a mystery becomes too odd or weird for even the hardest reveler – that’s when you walk into the unknown and possibly the paranormal.

Anthony will discuss three mysterious deaths that have occured where no answers or conclusions were stamped and much of the “evidence” is leading away from the normal and more towards the “para”normal. Gaurav Tiwari, Dyatlov Pass Incident, and Zigmund Adamski cases have unveiled little to facts and a whole bunch to mass conspiracies. We will review and discuss all the aspects to these cases and allow YOU to make the final decision on what is paranormal in cause and what is not. You may be surprised as to your answers once you hear the facts.

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