Natural Bodybuilding Has Become a JOKE!


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  1. One of my goals is to try natural body building competition to see if I like it or not seeing ppl who are not natrual is a big deterring other ppl from trying I see it sad 😔

  2. I do think this is achievable naturally. People often ask me if I’m on steroids, and I’m shocked at what I’ve been able to achieve naturally . I think many guys that don’t have great genetics have a constant chip on their shoulder and base what is natural off of their experience , let’s face it, with the combination of good genetics and beasting the gym consistently for years, you can get insane gains. Stop basing your opinion off of your own experience. You have totally disregarded the possibility that this guy is natural. I on the other hand from experience of decent genetics and a few years of training behind me can believe that this physique was possibly attained naturally. Let’s take into consideration that he has great genetics and he is at his ultimate peak of conditioning on show day aswell

  3. Just so you know you can be on enough drugs to put 80 lbs on the average person on the day of the competition and still pass their test. For 1 test suspension is in and out of your body within a few hours and each thing you test for cost quite a bit of money. Testing for steroids is 1 panel testing for GH igf-1 and insulin and sarms are completely different panels. these shows and organizations are trying to make money a lot of times only test for one or two things I know because I've been in them before and I was lifetime drug free and still won but I was 172 lb to.I'm 5 foot 11 and there were guys there there were two in and three inches shorter than me at 280 lb that passed all the tests. So it's even easier than you think to pass those tests my friend. If you know anything about how the body works you have to be stupid to get caught.

  4. Just so you know some black people are literally built like gorillas they literally can do 10 sit ups and have a fucking 12 pack, there are some that are natural and look like they probably use but if they're in the industry they definitely are using.

  5. Years ago I saw a site which said Simeon Panda and JEff Seid where natty because they always had big frames and hadn’t bulked up hugely .. worst thing is I believed it.

    It’s only as a 35 year old man I realise steroids shred people as well as bulk them up. Love this channel it’s true as.

  6. i have grown up in the gym my dad was bodybuilder and still work out 65 years old and still stronger then me with very big arms:)i never took anything and i never grew much maybe 10 kilos but took 10 years so i can say there is nothing natural in bodybuilders many say they are natural but they lie if i took steroids right now then i maybe grew 10 kilo in max 6 months

  7. There is so many ways to test and see if people were on gear even months before the competition , it's not the body builders fault the federations are being cheap so their athletes use steroids and make the shows more interesting.

  8. These bodybuilders get tested randomly in off season by the WNBF without notice making it nearly impossible to be using roids while in this league. And fuck Kenny this guy truly believes he’s never wrong and isn’t like by anyone in the industry


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