Interval-proof panties, vaginal steaming and menstrual cups. With regards to pure care on your yoni, the market has gotten fairly overwhelming. Listed here are a couple of ideas on why naturally caring on your yoni is important with regards to self-care.

I really like my interval (sure, you heard that proper – I really find it irresistible). It’s a time of the month I decelerate, journal extra and reconnect to myself. It’s a time I make certain to kick my self care routines up a notch. However past that, it’s additionally in regards to the merchandise I take advantage of to take care of each my physique and the atmosphere. So, I believed it was about time to sit down down and get actual in my newest publish on what I take advantage of, why I take advantage of it and what works – naturally. 

The place will we begin with caring for our yoni within the mild, most pure method? With our moon time (aka menstruation, aka interval, aka…).

Why Ought to You Make Certain Your Pads and Tampons are Natural?

If it have been as much as me, I’d say ditch the tampons altogether (until in fact  you might be planning on going swimming as we speak). Right here’s the factor, tampons enhance your cramping, and conceal the standard of your moon blood. Why does this matter? It means you’re farther eliminated out of your menstrual well being and understanding of your physique, and probably farther away from self-acceptance. Getting understanding of your cycle isn’t nearly your bodily well being, it may possibly additionally enable you connect with your self in a extra accepting method. Physiologically there may be the truth that the physique is making an attempt to launch the blood, retaining it clotted up within the vagina with a wad of cotton is just not good on your well being. Therefore, TSS. 

However for those who’re actually not able to launch the disposable pads and tampons, make certain your tampons are natural cotton. Cotton agriculture is vastly damaging to our ecosystem – it’s thought-about “the world’s dirtiest crop.” Nevertheless, the explanations prolonged far past the ecosystem of the planet, additionally it is about your inside ecosystem. Tampons undergo a chemical bleaching course of, which produces a carcinogenic byproduct – dioxin. Most tampon and pads, are constructed from a mix of bleached cotton and/or artificial merchandise, reminiscent of rayon, viscose and plastic – and that’s the place you get into bother with TSS and chemical absorption. Additional – it’s estimated that roughly 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are being despatched to North American landfills yearly – and these merchandise require lots of of years to biodegrade!

If I do ever use tampons or pads, I all the time discover pure natural cotton choices – I favor Natracare merchandise. You can store them affordably on iHerb right here

Menstrual Cups: What’s the Story?

Then, there may be the menstrual cup. I’d place cups as a second step above the tampons, as they’re inserted, however can help you see: the standard of your blood and the way a lot you might be shedding every day. Each of that are nice clues in direction of understanding your hormonal and menstrual well being.

The primary time utilizing a cup generally is a little difficult, however don’t hand over! My cup is by  Lunette. Lunette is my second run round with a cup, and I really like her for once I can’t keep away from exercise on my heavier circulate days  – for instance if I’m at work, or having to show a yoga class that day. 

What’s nice in regards to the cup is: they’re environmentally pleasant (you reuse it for a lot of, many moons), you really get to see how a lot blood you’re shedding a month – and know your physique higher, you keep away from TSS, you may go for as much as 12 hours with out altering (relying in your circulate) and also you lesson your chemical load. 

You’ll be able to store Lunette in 2 sizes (one for pre-child start and one for publish) on their website right here.

Interval-Proof Panties: What’s the story?

Interval proof panties? Properly, not fairly “proof.” I really like mine, however as backup for my cup on heavy circulate days. On my mid-light circulate days, I’ll simply put on my “interval panties,” and on these days, they’re good. There are additionally thongs which are nice for changing panty liners in your first indicators of recognizing and your previous couple of days of blood. 

These are my favorite for sleeping, since I don’t like sporting the cup to mattress. I put on the excessive waisted types, which have a tendency to carry as much as 2 tampons value all through the night time. Besides on extraordinarily heavy bleed days (the place I’ll double up with a re-usable pad), I can get by with simply my “interval panties”.  

Mine are from the corporate THINX, that are fairly “stylish” and easy. They appear to be common underwear and are even slightly bit “horny” (for interval panties, in any case). Expensive Kate is one other model which has extra colors and varieties from which to decide on. 

Washable Cloth Pads

Very similar to the period-proof panties, fabric pads supply related advantages – however with addition you don’t want to alter the complete panty when it’s saturated. These are Lunapads, and are comprised of two elements: (1) an absorbent, leak-resistant Pad Base with wings that fasten round your underwear and (2) a detachable Insert. Inserts are made from absorbent fleece you can change all through the day.  

Once more, they will last as long as 5 years, so that you’re doing nice issues for the planet in reusing them, however you additionally get a greater understanding of what’s going on in your physique when you may see what is definitely taking place. I can’t suggest this sufficient. 

Okay, in order that’s the practicals, however what in regards to the care? For my moon cycle, I’m all about important oils, epsom salt baths and scorching water bottles. 

Important oils are a part of my “important equipment” with regards to my moon time. I’m all about discovering pure methods to alleviate discomfort of cramps and mellow out my temper. I take advantage of completely doTERRA important oils due to their purity and prime quality (I additionally love that I obtain 25% off retail worth by signing up with them – you may too right here).

Listed here are my prime picks of important oils you must have in your Moon Time Care Equipment. 

Clary Sage

My primary important oil for moon time is Clary Sage. It’s an efficient ache aid when that ache is being brought on by cramping of your womb muscle tissue. It helps to appease them, and a 2014 examine confirmed that merely inhaling Clary Sage dramatically decreases the physique’s cortisol (stress hormone). I take advantage of it by rubbing it (with a service oil reminiscent of coconut oil) straight on my stomach when I’m having cramps. You may also add some drops to an Epsom salt bathtub to extend rest impact that comes with the magnesium hit.


Lavender can be utilized for nearly something. I find it irresistible for pimples and spots which are attributable to hormones – by dabbing a small quantity on the spots (normally round my chin) I can soothe them naturally. Additional, lavender is a good aromatherapy help because it calms the thoughts and physique. I like to additionally add this right into a Epsom salt bathtub, or diffuse it once I’m making an attempt to catch some deeper Z’s. 

Ylang Ylang

Considered one of my favorite important oils interval, is Ylang Ylang. I even put on it as a fragrance.  Nevertheless, it serves double responsibility with regards to its aromatherapy advantages which assist to decrease the center fee and supply an general sense of rest – if I’m feeling unruly or moody, diffusing Ylang Ylang is ideal. It’s additionally an aphrodisiac important oil, and is sweet for hormone balancing by serving to to decrease the physique’s stress ranges. Decrease stress = a extra optimum functioning of the reproductive system. 


Thyme is exclusive as this important oil has been proven to stability progesterone ranges — probably delaying the results of menopause. Meaning it may possibly additionally help your hormone ranges  providing you with slightly extra vitality on these days you have to stand up however don’t really feel prefer it. Consequently, I ought to notice: if in case you have estrogen dominance, keep away from the usage of thyme. 

Peace Mix

Why I really like this curler ball is that it has most of the prime important oils that I really like for my moon time, in a single handy little rollerball. I roll it straight on my abdoment and my strain factors together with wrists and behind my ears. The important thing notes in right here: Lavender Flower, Ylang Ylang Flower, and Clary Sage Flower. 

If you wish to buy doTERRA essentail oils for 25% off retail? Merely enroll right here to turn out to be a Entire Sale Buyer. Or, learn extra right here about how one can make doTERRA an even bigger a part of your way of life. 

In my subsequent publish, I’ll discuss a bit extra on why naturally caring on your yoni is important. In the interim, discover some house for self love throughout your subsequent interval and follow some critical self-care. Glad bleeding, magnificence!




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