New York City Ballet Workout | Volume 1


Sarah Jessica Parker introduces this holistic fitness programme formerly used exclusively by the New York Ballet Company. Dancers demonstrate the exercises, which were designed by the film’s narrator, Peter Martins, to balance fitness, life and art.

The workout is divided into 17 short sections:
0:00 Introduction by Sarah Jessica Parker
2:30 Section 1: Warm Up One
5:55 Section 2: Warm Up Two
7:25 Section 3: Warm Up Three
9:13 Section 4: Stretches
15:54 Section 5: Abdominals & Leg Darts
20:10 Section 6: Floor Barre 1
24:48 Section 7: Floor Barre 2
30:34 Section 8: Floor Barre 3
32:50 Section 9: Pliés
36:42 Section 10: Tendu
39:42 Section 11: Dégagé
43:14 Section 12: Passé
45:03 Section 13: Front Attitude
47:42 Section 14: Grand Battement Front
49:55 Section 15: Arabesque Raises
51:32 Section 16: Little Jumps
53:47 Section 17: Reverence

The New York City Ballet Workout routine was developed by Peter Martins and the New York City Ballet along with the New York Sports Club.

If you envy the ballet dancer’s long, lean body and graceful, elegant movements, then this beautifully produced video is for you. First watch the rippling muscles of four gorgeous ballet dancers performing the warm-up moves to classical ballet music, while Martins narrates.

Then get down on a mat for slow lower-body stretches. A difficult abdominal series is next, followed by “floor barre” exercises to tone the thighs and buttocks while still using the abdominals, then moves to strengthen the back and upper body.

Next is a series of standing exercise segments using various ballet movements to strengthen the legs and postural/balance muscles.

If you love ballet (even just watching it), you’ll enjoy this workout


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  1. I'm happy because I used to get the VHS copy of this at my local library. Then they gave away all of their tapes and I moved and never got around to ordering a DVD copy. Just when I got one at Barnes & Noble and have some free time, my DVD player stopped working so I looked this up and voila-I'm already sitting up with better posture.

  2. I’m 17 and I want to know if it’s too late to dance ballet. I have always wanted to learn all types of dance but my parents never took the incentive to take me to classes. I want to have a busy life once I graduate . I want to join the army national guard for two years than join the peacecorp for 6 years. However, I want to learn ballet, ballroom, jazz, Bollywood dancing, Norwegian, African and etc . I also I want to pursue to go to some type of school for FX makeup. Do you think I would be able to do all that in my years?

  3. 🇫🇷💕☕️💓I did this when I was very young, more than thirty years past, I restart doing this again, it helps reducing the pain of my bady. I will continue doing this … I love it💐💓

  4. I always refuse the gym because I did ballet for so long. It really is the best. The music is calming so you don’t realize your stretching and hurting and holding squats for 30 seconds. It’s all nicer in French also

  5. I'm on my third day of doing just the three warmups and the first stretch, although I work on the stretch for several minutes. I've had a knot on my thigh just below my left hip joint for years. It is now less than half the size, and my lower back has a lot less pain. I will gradually add the other exercises as I feel ready. Thanks SO SO much!

  6. I’ve been doing dance since I was four (ten years) and I love this workout, for me personally it’s pretty easy and I don’t really get stretched as I would like since I am very flexible so I added in splits, scorpions, and bridges to the mix to get a better warm up.

  7. I’ve taken ballet I ever since I was three, and recently have stepped into the world of pointe. I’ve taken pointe for about two in a half years; but I’ve never thought of it as something I enjoy. I’ve loved ballet I, and have had the strength and ability to do so. But once I step into pointe, I feel weak. I’ve been doing different workouts and such to help strengthen my ankles. Haven’t taken practice at home very seriously, until now. I’ve been doing this for two days and have already felt and visually see strengthening throughout my body! My core and back is where I want to built more strength and this has done wonders already. Going to continue with this. Thank you so much for having this available. I’m fifteen and am hoping to take ballet as a passion, and turn into a career. ❤️

  8. Beautiful warm-up! Thanking the gorgeous dancers of NYCB for this fabulous treat. I am on the floor by the fire as we speak&will start with plies tomorrow <> Nice music, soothing vocal tone w/ succinct direction, reminds me o wonderful training NYC back in the day~.late 70's/early 80/s… My body thanx u 2 !! NYCB and SJP!

  9. This workout is the TRUTH, and MUCH harder than you think. Keep at it though and you will get some AMAZING conditioning and definition. SO glad I found this, and thanks for posting!


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