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Do you need to get leaner and reduce inflammation?

Clean up your system and clean-up your cravings. A unique, award-winning diet plan delivered to your door.



“I’ve really enjoyed the food and 7 days in [on the Pegan Diet] have lost 7 lbs!” -Liz Menary


How many of the following symptoms do you have?

Do you crave sugar?

    Do you binge eat?

      Do you have strong cravings?

        Do you sleep badly?

          Low energy?

            Dark circles under your eyes?

              The more of them you have, the greater help changing your diet will provide. And results show up in days.


              The Benefits of Eating a Pegan Diet:

                Eliminates Inflammation

                    Create the foundations for a healthy diet

                        Cravings subside

                            Clean food that looks and tastes great

                                Reduces stomach bloat making your tummy flatter

                                    Leaves you free to plan your Christmas party season and holiday

                                         “Feeling healthy and green, thank you Nosh Detox!” -Laura Jackson 



                                        Each Day of the Pegan Diet plan includes 3 meals and 2 snacks

                                        Sample Menu:

                                        Breakfast: Nosh green breakfast smoothie freshly made just for you to receive essential minerals
                                        and vitamins and to reduce your inflammation levels

                                        Mid-Morning Snack: Enjoy a snack of organic cashew nuts (great source of unsaturated fat, antioxidants
                                        and minerals like copper) to gain and maintain a healthy heart

                                        Lunch: Steamed green bean garden salad with light homemade dressing giving you the right amount of
                                        Vitamins A, C, K and B6

                                        Afternoon Snack: Grilled chicken or fish portions to enjoy as a perfect afternoon appetiser and to gain

                                        longer-lasting energy levels

                                        Dinner: Oven-baked salmon served with Sautéed Asparagus to relax you on your busy day 


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