Office Yoga| 5 easy yoga poses | Yoga Shortcut 2019 | দৈনিক ৫ মিনিট ব্যায়াম


দৈনিক ৫ মিনিট ব্যায়াম করেই ফিট হয়ে যান!
We know the benefit of #YOGA and how powerful it is. However, we do not do it on a regular basis because some of us think it’s hard but actually, it’s not. #BD How understands your struggle and that’s why we have created this video in Bangla so that you do not miss your daily yoga. 5 min Yoga at your office is perfect for anybody who spends much time working at a computer or in a cubicle. This sequence is ideal for those who want to sneak in a quick yoga break or for those who are in healing and want to practice a little bit of opening with the support of a chair. Practice a little energetic hygiene and deep breathing! Open your heart, your shoulders and relieve tension!

Content list:
1. 5 easy poses of yoga
2. Graphis to show how to perform yoga at office/ small space
3. Step by step instruction in #Bangla Language to perform the pose accurately

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-yoga poses for the office:

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