We are a little overdue for an update.  There has just been so much going on.  I finally have a brief moment to share.  We have INCREDIBLE news for those of you who have not heard yet.  Parker’s right foot is stable and he doesn’t need the fusion surgery on that side too.  Everything that the docs at the other hospital had concerns about were related to his previous reconstructive surgery.  The heal concern was where the surgeon had rebuilt his heal structure and the place they thought was disintegrating was where a pin had been removed and left an open space (still healing).  This is a huge relief to all of us and especially Parker.

Our Jiffy Popcorn head going into surgery.
Also, last Wednesday, Parker had the spinal nerve stimulator trial surgery.  The surgery went well.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be helping his pain, so we will continue onward.   The doc will remove it this week.  We know that Parker is completely disappointed, as he had hoped that this would be his ticket to get off narcotics.  But patience has definitely become a virtue he possesses and is applying once again.  We will continue to hunt for a pain solution.
Working hard at PT.
In the meantime, we are revving up for the big walk.  Parker is planning on “walking the walk”…this is huge.  He has worked so hard to get those feet, ankles, and legs working again.  He is going to stand tall as the National Walk Honoree this year!  His focus and determination has been remarkable to witness.  And we cannot wait to see all of you who can join us on May 7th and walk beside our kiddo.  There is still time to sign up for our team:  Click here to link to our walk page
And thank you to all who have donated to our team!  We are blown away by the support and it is heartwarming to see such love surrounding us.
Finally, we are counting down the days until Logan comes home for the summer.  He has completed his first year at UF and we are so very proud of his accomplishment.  His JA was a little mean to him in the beginning and with a little med adjustment and balancing of physical activity, he has been doing great!   We can’t wait to have both our boys home for the summer.
Parker left this little bit of HOPE in my garden to surprise me!


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