Pigeon Pose / Eka pada Rajakapotasana, Yoga pose


Here the pigeon pose explained, and a few variations shown. The pigeon poses is a beautiful and very effective hip opener. This pose stretches the hip rotators and the hip flexors, practiced regularly this pose will bring more ease in your lower body.Pigeon Pose / Eka pada Rajakapotasana

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  1. Esther….do you have any suggestions to prepare the hamstrings for the intense contraction required to flex the calf when drawn in by the hand? The hamstring cramps when I start to draw it in toward the buttock. Many thanks

  2. I experienced a knee injury about a month ago. This is my favorite yoga pose, but I wonder if I had been doing it a wrong way, so my knee became really loose. Is this a safe pose to do with injured knees ( really bent, or very straight leg positions doesn't work with my leg yet)

  3. Fantastic explanation! I'm feeling the improvement of this pose already, however I am not yet on the ground. Blocks should be arriving tomorrow so I can do this properly.

  4. Hi Esther! I tried my best to do this pose, but couldn't get my front leg in the correct position, but I'll continue to practice as no doubt I will get it there eventually.
    Thank you for your excellent instruction. 🙂

  5. I have a question.  Some people say that the pigeon pose can be bad for your hips if you do it regularly for years.  Has anyone else heard this?  I saw it on the news one day.

  6. Someone asked the question about the non-bent knee hurting after the pose – I used a small foam pillow for the straight leg. I have serious osteoarthritis and after a short period of time using blocks pillows and bolsters to get started, I have only the little pillow – I love this pose.

  7. This is very helpful, thanks. i am doing stretch class at the moment and my instructer is adament about the front leg being in a straight line to the knee. I can't do it and keep my hips square without feeling it pull in my knee, and even then my front leg seem to spring back towards my groin anyway! I don't want to offend my instructor but think I will just be less worried about keeping my front leg straight,as it is only my third class coming up!

  8. I actually am in physical therapy now because I got a little overzealous with this pose and damage my sciatic nerve. I have been unable to walk or sit without discomfort since I did it. This instructor has a good point about using blocks under the buttocks. I should've done that instead of trying to be a rockstar in class! If your hip flexors or hamstrings are tight, and you feel a burning…don't do the forward fold!!! I can't wait for my nerve to heal so I can do this pose properly again.

  9. While I'm doing this pose I feel very open and I don't feel discomfort anywhere. After I'm done my left knee hurts, sort of like a dull pain. Is this a problem or could this be my knee opening and growing stronger?

  10. Pigeon pose is largely responsible for the complete relief of sciatica I used to have in my right hip. This is a great pose! And thanks for explaining about how to position the flexed leg…I always just tried to move it forward and it torqued my knee.

  11. this really amused me, because I actually sleep in a position like that! Sort of like the pigeon pose, but then lean your head to the ground…for some reason I'm more comfortable with one of my legs tucked under me.


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