I found out I was pregnant a week-and-a-half after my husband left for a year-long Army deployment. Up until that point, I was sad that he’d be gone for a whole year, but I never thought I’d be dealing with such an emotional situation while he was gone!

It took me more than a month to really reign in my emotions and accept the situation for what it was: I was pregnant. He was gone for a year. I couldn’t change anything about the situation.

The thing I could control was how I mentally dealt with it. And after realizing that, I knew I had to come up with a plan. My plan includes the following four tips to help me deal with my pregnancy while my husband is gone. My hope in sharing this with you is that you can take some of these tips and incorporate them into your life as well.

Click this article to read my 4 tips on dealing with a pregnancy while your spouse is deployed overseas:

I’m Pregnant and My Spouse is Deployed: How I Get Through | HealthCentral

Your significant other is on the other side of the world, how do you manage daily responsibilities and emotions or loneliness?

Do you have any additional tips you’d add other than the 4 I provide in this post? Let me know by commenting below!

There are SO many military spouses out there – we are NOT alone! <3


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