Pregnancy Yoga | Episode 1 | Tonic


Katy Appleton of teaches you the beginner steps of pregnancy yoga. Learn how to practice yoga whilst you are pregnant.

Episode 2:

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The information and instruction provided in this video is for use as general information or for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical care provided by your GP or other qualified healthcare professional. If you have any specific medical concerns about your pregnancy or anything else you should always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. If you experience any unusual pain or discomfort after attempting any of the positions featured in this video you should contact a suitably qualified healthcare professional for further advice.



  1. What a great video!!! 20 weeks pregnant and have been dying to go to the gym but am not allowed to! My bones, my hips, everything hurts and this video alone has made me feel wonderful just now!!! I feel stretched out!! Thank you sooo much! Can't wait to try the rest of the episodes!!

  2. It had been months me searching for prenatal yoga and finally i found You. Easy and effective and feels really u so much for making my body feel fresh the way i m 20 weeks and ladies its better to do something than nothing at all..

  3. Thank you so much your teaching made me feel relax and confident to start do yoga again after 5 years … now im 24 months pregnant vert happy yo be mom ….. thank you again

  4. I've done quite a few pregnancy yoga videos and despite the short length this one may be my favorite one! Relaxing way to wake up and stretch my achy body this morning. Looking forward to trying the other videos!

  5. Thanks so much, that was not painful at all, it was relaxing and feeling good for me. I couldnt find a exercise video to do, and now this is perfect.
    1 question, do we do 1 episode a day?? or do we go to the next episode the next day?? please reply.

  6. I think I slightly overstretched my hips a bit with this session (I am 27 weeks). Just a warning for other ladies! My hips/ pelvic floor have been sore ever since I did the video (2 days ago)

  7. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and haven't done yoga at all this entire time until today. In fact I did parts 1-3 & I have never felt more relaxed. My joints were super tight and my pelvic area was in intense pain. These videos helped SOOOO MUCH today

  8. Hi , I’m 16 weeks now and finally started light exercises after tough morning sickness period.
    As I stopped work out and lost muscles, this yoga routine really stretches my body, thank you !


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