Prenatal restorative practice (15min)


A gentle practice that will help to alleviate fatigue and tightness from pregnancy. Great for all stages of pregnancy.

Props: Cushions or bolster & 2 blocks (not essential but lovely to have!)

Produced by Paula Lay & Mischa Baka

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  1. Really lovely but unfortunately I had to stop when it got to the bit laying on your back. I can't lay on my back since my baby is positioned spine against my spine and it's too uncomfortable.

  2. Your pregnancy videos have been so helpful in my morning routine. Thank you for putting out a nice slow flow with beautiful transitions- it is really helping me deal with sciatica pains in my third tri!

  3. just discovered your channel, I love the prenatal series. Your voice is so calming and soothing,, it helps so much in a yoga practice. this video in particular really relaxed me and i'll be sure to return to it when needed. I'll be continuing to explore all of your videos!

  4. I recently found your channel and I absolutely love your videos and I appreciate all the effort you put into them. I was wondering if I could request a video that is suitable for pelvic organ prolapse? Or if you have some already that you could recommend to me? Thank you!!!


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