Prenatal yoga for core strength – 15min


This is a beautiful short sequence that will safely strengthen the core muscles of the body (pelvic floor, transverse abdominus, obliques, back and glute muscles) without engaging the most superficial layer (rectus abdominus). It is important to maintain and develop tone around the torso of the body to assist in a healthy pregnancy as well as for post-partum recovery.

This sequence is suited to 1st & 2nd trimester (and early 3rd trimester depending on how you are feeling/level of practice). This is NOT recommended for women who are experiencing any complications in their pregnancy. Always check with your doctor or prenatal care provider before beginning any exercise program.

Level: 1st, 2nd trimester & early 3rd trimester
Props: 1-2 blocks and cushions or bolster

Produced by Paula Lay & Mischa Baka

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  1. Hi Paula, and thanks for this lovely class . Do you know which positions is best to avoid at the third trimester? Is it true that once the baby's upside down inversions should really be avoided? How about inversions in the second trimester? I'm 14 weeks and really miss my headstands – haven't seen them on the YouTube classes I did. Generally speaking I find pregnancy yoga quite boring :S

  2. Hi Paula, I have just found out re my pregnancy at 4 weeks. Is it ok to do this class.? Also what other classes (of yours) at this stage can I do for abit of variety if I did say 5 x 15 min classes a week? Cheers Maria ( A Melbournian in London) 🙂

  3. Hi Paula – thank you so much for creating this prenatal yoga series! Is it safe to repeat this specific sequence in one session to make it a 30 minute workout whilst still in the first and second trimester?


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