For those that don’t know, I live in the UK. It’s been a bit cold and snowy over here, although if you watched the news you’d think the whole island had shipped off to the Arctic and the ice age was beginning. Apparently we have a polar vortex hitting us which I like to think is something where Doctor Who appears in his T.A.R.D.I.S to help save the world again. Oh and don’t ask me which Doctor and for any opinions on it, I’m not getting in that argument. So anyway, it’s a cold, below freezing, got to minus 6 tody apparently (one for the fact fiends).

Now my skin, so far this year, has been more up and down than I have known for some time. Literally one week no flaking, the next week peeling like a snack. The weather is a bit contributor to that, something I have no doubt about. I can actually feel it, my skin is drier despite increasing medication and there are days I think it is okay and can literally feel it scale and crack up as I walk to work and the cold wind blows against me. Before anyone tells me how to dress, prepare etc for winter, I’ve had this condition for over 15 years now, I know what to do, I know what causes the issues. My point here is that this current period of freezing weather is making my skin react different to normal. One thing abut psoriasis is that it is anything but predictable.

I am trying to remain upbeat, after all my recent outlook is to remain positive, stop moping and being depressed about it. Good to write that down and remind myself really. Also many of you will know I try to put a bit of humour into my writing to make psoriasis seem less gloomy so here it is and I hope you’re ready, I mean I’ve just made you read all of the above for this one thing I actually thought of as the catalyst for this post. How on to your bobble hats,…..

I love the snow when I have psoriasis, it’s the one time I can flake as much as I like and no one will notice.


I’ll get my coat…. and my scarf, gloves, wooly hat.


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