I have often said that Psoriasis has a way of surprising you. Now into I think my 14th year with this condition I thought I had seen it all. I have also joked and written posts about being one of the X-Men as Psoriasis is my mutant power and recently, this bit of fiction seems to have a little bit of real life to it.

I’m not sure it comes across too much that I am a keen cook. My Twitter name is @Simonlovesfood, I have cooked with Michelin Star chefs (okay only twice and mostly prepping but still), have cooked in other professional kitchens (okay mostly prepping again, but still), and enjoy cooking for family and friends. So I cook a bit.

Oh, and to go back a bit further, my oven broke. A complete disaster in the My Skin and I household. As I refuse to own a microwave, all I had was a hob and a grill. Then again, the barbecue did come in to use even on the less warm or sunny days. Now, anyone reading is thinking “and how does this back up your belief that Psoriasis is a superpower Simon?” Well I’m getting to that.

So the oven is replaced and finding a real bargain in the sales we were able to purchase a very good oven and the little chef in side me started jumping up and down with excitement. Every night became an adventure, trying new dishes, using my much more efficient oven. Then I thought, the steak stone, I’ll get the steak stone out. If you don’t know what a steak stone is, it is a big flat stone you put in your oven and then place in it’s holder so you can cook at the table.

You need to get the stone up to it’s highest heat so basically whack the oven on full and leave it in there for a good couple of hours. As I was getting said steak stone out of the oven, with a thick cloth rather than the gloves they provide, my hand hit the rack above. Having a heavy slab of stone in your hands and a searing burning sensation is rather annoying. Somehow I managed to get the stone on the table and then treated my hand.

It had burnt so much it instantly blistered (yeah there’s a nice image for you). However it had almost done quite a bit of damage and removed several layers of skin. Now it was the kind of burn that should take weeks to heal unless you get it treated. Me being a man did not get it treated. It soon scabbed over and within a week the scab fell off (more lovely images) to reveal healthy skin. Outstandingly healthy skin in fact.

Apart from a bit of discolouring still in that part of my hand it is hard to notice. I now put this down to my super fast growing skin. Either that or I am Wolverine in his Logan days where he doesn’t heal quite fully or that quickly.  So I have found the plus side of psoriasis, quick healing skin and I am happy to say it is y Psuperpower. I’d rather be Wolverine though.





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