Qigong for Beginners


Feel your QI! This complete YOQI qigong flow routine designed for beginners to purge, tonify, regulate and circulate your qi.



  1. would you be able to put a video up regarding what you would recommend for a daily full round practice? Like how much time for each aspect of the chi gong? Also, could you post a longer one that has maybe this into it that goes into a longer posting meditation? I love your explanations by the way

  2. Hello, I just want to say I like your videos and thank you for posting them. I actually really like the warm ups before you go into the actual posting. One of my teachers said that the tapping in the rubbing and things, although they bring more awareness to the chi in the energy, in the long run it's not as effective if you cannot just post in order for the chi to flow. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with this teacher, but I find that I can get into the Qigong practice and meditation a lot better with this video. I would like your and perhaps other people's insight in regards to just posting and feeling it internally versus doing external movements like tapping and rubbing and such prior. My argument is that if someone is getting acupuncture and such done, that moves energy as well, and if this works, why would this be possibly detrimental in developing your awareness of chi in order to be able to heal yourself?

    again I love this video and thank you for all your time

  3. Thank you for this video! That was my first time of QiGong and I love it! <3 It was tingly and so deep. Now I feel so connecting to myself that I would practice this hopefully every morning. Thank you Marisa for that experience. 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful beginner's video for qigong I recommend highly often. You are a wonderful teacher, many thanks! I've found Qigong helpful for both physical and emotional issues, for stress, and for pain. What a difference these have made in my life!

  5. Wing of a Bird, Monkey arms, I called it Spaghetti Arms, then you did Fingers Toes, Everything knows. We did Inward Outward flowing. 10-10-10 of everything relaxing. Roots of a Tree. The Cranes head, Flowing hands, Picking Peaches. Knowing the Forest, It's every Crevasse, Shaking Timbers. These Reflections, Your Shadow. Slow Revelations, and Breathing. Now Body Search as I do In my Reflection of. I always did a more pounding Body Check. Wow, Chickens Beak Body Conditioning. I could go on with every action, has a Word-Name. I love it. Know your Whole Being. Yin Yang. Salute, Bow

  6. Thank you Marissa. I started doing your videos about 4 months ago, and I find this video especially wonderful and powerful. At first, I was very stiff and controlled, but now I feel a sense of relaxation and ease. I honor you for sharing this wonderful practice with me and all the other students of Qigong. Peace and blessing Janie

  7. i wonder what kind of plant is that next to you, with the white flowers, looks like a weave into that white rack…sorry I'm off topic, but just curious…could it be fake?! Is it alive and growing? I love Qigong, very excited to start a class!

  8. I cried from the very beginning already when you started talking and me moving. I did not realise how much tension and my own effort I hold. This was deeply healing for me and releasing. Movements were challenging for me, I think because I used to use my own push and harshenss in life instead of resting and aligning myself with the Life Force. Deeply grateful that this morning I responded to the inner calling- find QiGong exercise. Feeling much more peaceful now even feeling all the pains in my body. Thank you.

  9. I just began learning of this ancient practice through my Sangha and found your video. Thank you for such a beautiful introduction to what I plan to adopt as a daily practice 🙏🏻

  10. This was wonderful! I had an extremely stressful day today with tax accountants and could feel the energy locked up in my head. This released it. Will definitely continue. Please share more videos.


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