QTW #3 | Intuitive Eating for WEIGHT LOSS | KETO


Hey guys! Can’t believe it’s Wednesday already! Here’s a quick tip about intuitive eating. It’s a tip that has helped me on my weight loss journey and still does. It’s all about trial and error and finding a routine that works for you! Thanks for your continued kindness and support through your comments. Best wishes! See you on Sunday. xo

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  1. Hey!!! Def try meetup 🙂
    I found that by joining a meetup group with the intention of just meeting like minded people I was able to meet a bunch of different and new people. Got into it to make friends and ended up meeting my husband on a meetup group that met up to discuss religion and philosophy hahaha …… and it all started cuz I wanted to find a group of people that like to go hiking !

  2. Girl! Coming from someone who has a very strict $ budget, try shopping at Aldi for some of your staple items. I have done the cost comparison between Aldi and a store like Costco or BJs and Aldi wins hands down. Not on everything but quite a few.

  3. Omg!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! OMG!!! I'm so sick and tired of my family giving me a hard time because some days i just eat Dinner. That's it. Some days i do a Bullet Coffee, AND lunch. That's it. Some days i do bullet coffee, lite lunch, and dinner. I eat when i feel hungry. Not just because I'm told it's breakfast lunch and dinner time. I control my own body. I know when I'm hungry, and when I'm not. I can't thank you enough for THIS VIDEO!!!

  4. Girl you are rockin that camo top too cute. And what a cute funny video. I appreciate your honesty in your last video I want real life otherwise I'd watch TV. Please don't censor yourself. It wouldn't avert offending anyone even if you did because the Internet community is primed and ready to be offended at all times. 😀

  5. Yes you’re looking good you’re looking healthy but you do need vitamins and minerals from eating good food as you do I skip breakfast not lunch myself intermittent fasting works

  6. i just ended my 24 hour fast at 3pm today, then i had a some yummy keto food and then i was done, now i am on a 20 hour fast………I find the more i fast the less i am hungry…………Funny how that works……..Looking great and i am enjoying your QTW videos 🙂

  7. So glad I found your channel. Just starting the Keto diet, 250lbs at 53 years old, at a point where I have to do something, being overweight all of my adult life has caught up with my health. Your my inspiration, joining your journey.

  8. Meet up.com! My mom has had such huge success with finding new people to connect with. There are allllll types of groups… by age or interests. She’s been having so much fun and made some really great friends along the way.


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