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In this video I show three quick, cheap and healthy vegan dessert recipes. The recipes are for a chocolate brownie mug cake, a cookie and chocolate mousse. These are great to use as substitutes for ‘normal’ desserts especially if you have a sweet tooth but are working towards fat loss/weight loss goals!


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  1. TOO distracted by the belly…exposing a belly is great but its an awful POV!! and the lighting NOT flattering at all…your bellybutton looks gross….click bye

  2. Ik this video is "old", but I love the vegan lifestyle so much and once I move out in like 10 days I'll live as vegan as possible (rn I live with meat eaters who constantly tell me what I "need" to eat to be healthy – still vegetarian tho). My sweet tooth is so strong and i can't tell you how much sweet I eat in a day, but these will hopefully help turn my cravings into somewhat healthy. I'll see if I can find a recipe for brownie overnight oats, because that cake should be eaten for breakfast.

  3. I know I’m a little.. okay very late but can I make the cookie in an oven? I would love to make a large batch of it but I have tried banana+oat cookies and they are rubbery and hard after a while so I don’t know how much the butter will help.. anyways I’m loving your channel! This is the first video I have watched of yours, definitely subbing!

  4. Obsessed with the brownie. I doubled the mixture and cut into single brownies and took to a dinner 😋and i'm making them to take on a bus journey from France to Barcelona next week 😊Thankyou!

  5. First of all: The avocado song ahahahaha it follows me everywhere!

    Second (question): (I have a seated job but I go to the gym every day and do a circuit training. I am a small female, 25yo, 5'2"). on exercise days I consume maybe 1700 or 1800 kcals and some of these easily have 400-500kcal. For that calorie equivalent I could have a chocolate bar or muffin, or something "really bad", would that not be easier? I have a sweet tooth and I would feel "if I cheat then I may as well do it properly" you know what I mean? please help as I am seriously struggling with balancing the good/bad foods. I don't want to restrict myself too much, cause then I binge, but I also don't want to ruin my hard efforts. Any tips from anyone appreciated.

  6. I’ve made the brownie mug cake twice now, once with my little siblings and they absolutely loved it ❤️ I added blobs of peanut butter to the mix and topped it with frozen raspberries.. YUM. Thank you so much for these delicious desserts ☺️

  7. I just tried the mug cake brownie and I don't know why but it's just awful :'( :'( Some parts are burnt while others are just still raw, the taste is uuurrrghh I'm so sad, I don't know what I did wrong!!!

  8. I'm currently vegetarian and planning on going vegan once I've used any old products I have like protein powders ect I was just wondering is there a difference between 'plant based' and 'vegan'? Is plant based were you would still avoid some vegan products like oreos because they're still processed?

  9. Look good. I've tried the avocado chocolate mousse before and I just dont like it with the avocado however if you use tofu instead it works just as well and tastes better in my opinion.

  10. Tip: if you're even lazier just throw everything from the blender directly into a greased mug/bowl and into the microwave it goes 👍🏼 I mean personally I just mix everything directly into what I'm microwaving it in lol less clean up = easier life

  11. 🚨 🚨🚨just cooked the Aldi vegan spicy bean burgers for my house mates in uni n everyone fkin loved them (£1.25 for FOUR, this is not a drill) 10/10 would recommend


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