On the bright, Pollyanna side, I managed to have an enjoyable, if sedentary, weekend! I did pretty much nothing but rest – rest and read books, rest on a chaise longue in the sunshine, rest and chat to my mum, rest and watch telly, rest and do some drawing and painting, rest and do some embroidery … SLEEEEEEEEEEP! Hubby was marvelous and did … well, everything else really!! And yes, my knee is very much better! The steroids (and rest) definitely helped.

MOST of the time I managed to focus on the positives: how nice it was to be able to … you guessed, it, rest! And how nice it was to be waited on flipper and foot, and how nice it was to have time to catch up on reading … and sleeping, and all the rest of it. There were times when I had the opposite thoughts, such as how bloody frustrating it was that I couldn’t go for a walk, how annoying it was that I couldn’t jump up and get what I wanted easily, how stupid it was of me to feel awkward asking hubby to do stuff when he really doesn’t mind, how far behind I was getting in other things (not least of which, work!) because of this damn flare. I’ve also been losing weight nicely until I hit the flare. Really the only exercise I can think to do is walking, and I’d been building that up steadily so that I was doing, on the whole, at least a couple of miles a day. Over the last week I’ve done approximately zero miles a day, and it’s been very frustrating.

However, most of the time I managed to re frame my thoughts back to ‘Yay for rest and relaxation’! It certainly was nice to be able to find time for things like painting. I did a hilariously convoluted arrangement to try to be able to draw with my leg up.

So here’s the layout:

Drawing on knee

Drawing with my leg up

The big white board on the left is my drawing board, balanced on my legs (which are sticking out in front of me on the sofa) with a cushion over my bad (or worse) knee to stop the board pushing down too heavily on it. Just to the right I’ve got out all the essential bits for drawing – my pencils, rubber (in the tin) magnifying glass, and of course the rose that I’m actually drawing. Note the empty cup of coffee – that didn’t last long, thankfully, due to an attentive hubby! You can’t see in the picture but I’ve also set up some lighting so that the rose is lit from where i need it to be, which wasn’t easy in this position. I usually do this in the dining room and everything’s set up right there.

So … I spent half an hour setting up probably (which was a bit of a strain on the leg in the first place!) and then maybe half an hour drawing like this and I realised it wasn’t going to work. Cushion or not, having a drawing board resting on my knee wasn’t clever!!

I then realised that i could do this in my usual place by just propping my leg up a dinning room chair and resting it that way, and this whole fiasco had been completely unnecessary! Oh well … I learnt something. Hopefully I’ll remember for next time!

Anyway, now I’m back at work so I’d better sign out and try to catch up!



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