Carroll QB. Radiography in the Digital Age. 3rd Ed. Charles C Thomas; 2018; 904 pp; $109.95

RADIOGRAPHY in the DIGITAL AGE text book coverWritten primarily for students studying radiology technology, the 3rd edition of Radiography in the Digital Age (3rd edition), edited by Quin B. Carroll, with contribution by 9 other authors, packs vital information relative to performing and evaluating radiography.

This 904-page hardcover book reviews these basic areas: The Physics of Radiography; Production of the Radiographic Image; Digital Radiography; Radiation Biology, Radiation and Protection. The book is accompanied by a separate 336-page workbook, which tests the reader’s knowledge on all the points covered in the book. Specific answers to these numerous questions (1,500) are obtained through a CD; however, the answers can be determined by a careful reading of the book itself.

For radiology residents studying for the core examination, this book is a valuable resource to have in a departmental library. With the current increasing emphasis on MR physics, it is easy to lose connection with the basics of radiography, and other critical issues such as radiation biology, PACs and imaging informatics, radiology protection, and protocols.

This book has excellent drawings, tables, and creative ways of presenting material and can be a source for radiographers and residents in radiology training.

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