I believe everyone has a life purpose. We are drawn to different activities and modes of expression because they line us up with our calling. I think unhappiness arises when we are out of alignment with our life purpose. This dissatisfaction sends us searching for more.
There was a time when I knew I wanted more and stumbled upon a book to guide me through the major life transition. The book is called“Creating on Purpose”and it’s written by Anodea Judith and Lion Goodman. They teach readers, chapter by chapter, the chakra system and how to manifest through it. Most important, the first few chakras are about finding a vision that is in line with your life purpose and in the service of others.
I believe this time period challenges us to stay connected to what is real. To sift through the technology, the marketing and the stress and find ourselves. To connect with our inner child, who knew what it was to delight in life. To remember why we are here and what we have to offer.
“Creating on Purpose” had a deep impact on my life. I continue to read it and hone in my manifesting vision further. And now I share the book and process with others. In small groupsor individual sessions, we read and share the teaching of this book and then expand upon them with art therapy activities, guided visualizations and discussion. These offerings help me stay connected to my own manifesting process. I want other women to feel as empowered as I feel. And I want to share my excitement for this book and its ideas with others.
You get out what you put in. If you are drawn to the idea of finding your life purpose and manifesting it fully into the world, I would love to have you join our creative therapy sisterhood all about creating your ideal life: The Society of Wild Women!


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