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Red Beet Pancake Recipe: Red Beet Pancakes? Don’t be surprised when your kids ask for seconds. In this video, learn how to make these amazing fluffy pancakes for your children. Did they like them? Post your comments below.

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  1. Hi catherine, i'm in indonesia and i can't find greek yogurt here. Is there anything else i can use as a substitute? I really wanna make this for my girl. I loooove all your recipes!!! U r wonderful. I so wish i could meet u.

  2. Have you ever made Red Beet Chocolate cake, me and my friend Shannon made one for our local Farmers Market this summer it was a hit, everyone didn't believe us that it was made from Red Beets!

  3. never had them but im making a playlist for my little one who is soon to come and when i seen your comment i was like wow no brainer cuz my hubby loves sweet potatoes and i know his son will too i need more videos like these to watch its only hers & nicko's and jgswife is by far the Best!


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