Wild Women are confident in who they are, what they want and the decisions they make. What is the Wild Woman’s secret for feeling this way? One of her secrets is being connected to her intuition. When a woman can trust her inner sense of knowing, confidence flows through her.
Intuition is often invalidated in our day to day life because we look for reason and rational. If you have a gut-feeling, you may overlook it or second guess yourself. And we certainly can’t go around making important decisions based on a “feeling”…or can we?!
Have you ever had an important decision to make where you weighed all the pros and cons but still didn’t know what to do? That’s because there is a limit to what reason and rational can provide us. Where logic ends, intuition begins. We are gifted with both ways of knowing so that we have tools for every situation! But its important to sharpen each tool. With respect to rational, we want to do research and fact check. With respect to intuition, we need to develop this skill so that it works well for us.
How do you develop your intuition?
Noticing: first you must begin to register when you are having an intuition. If you are dismissing these “knowings” then you are not going to create a stronger connection. Even after the fact, if you can reflect and validate that you did in fact have an intuition, you will get familiar with how your intuitions come to you and thereby create a stronger connection to knowing them consciously.
Validating: second you need to validate when an intuition was correct! So after the fact, when you just knew that person was not going to show up, and then they did not show up, take the time to validate that you knew this would happen. In doing so, you are creating a stronger link between your intuition and its truth. In other words, you are proving to yourself that you do trust your body’s wisdom.
Learning to listen and trust your intuition is an act of self love. You are actually validating yourself. You are appreciating your gifts of knowing which will help you feel more and more confident about your decisions and the fact that you are indeed living “on purpose”!


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