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Side Body Flow is a practice designed to help you build strength, gain awareness and get unstuck! Balance strengthening with lengthening to improve your posture and live pain free. Move easy and with the breath. Counter time spent crumpled and slouched. Use the tools of yoga to move prana to let go of stagnant energy to leave you feeling good and support you in getting unstuck! Because you’re worth it. Take your home yoga practice to the next level!! Enjoyyyy! Namaste!

Let me know how it goes down below!

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  1. I've been doing your videos since last September at least 3 times a week and wow what a difference!! They also help with my running, I never get strains or feel overly tired and I run 30+km a week. Thank you thank you ❤️

  2. Thank you for doing what you do.. your video motivates me everyday i am 46 and just starting this lifestyle and love it and embracing it fully.. again thank you.

  3. This is just what I needed today. At the very beginning you mention that this is good if you have an interview coming up…..that's exactly what I have. After working in the same place for 8.5 years and then being out of work for almost 6 months now, I've been struggling with anxiety and my confidence to interview. My first major interview a few weeks ago left me feeling more worried about my confidence. After this session, I feel that "I've got this". Will be repeating this specific practice through the weekend until my interview next week. THANK YOU!!

  4. Your guidance through the practice has really taken my yoga to the next level. I am so grateful to have found you Adriene, thank you so much ♥️Never thought I would be searching for the 30+ minute practices, but here we are thanks to you.

    "homie don't play dat" 🤣


  5. This one is great. I had been doing yoga daily for about 3 months – the first time I'd ever been able to stick to a routine with anything- and then my practice has been faltering as I work through the process of grief. My diet, too, has grown worse again. I was afraid I had lost all my hard earned progress in a week of not doing much, but this side body flow has shown me I'm still strong and shouldn't be discouraged, like I'm starting from the bottom after only a few days of rest. This really helped me – I'll be enjoying it again in a few days. Thank you for what you do! It's making a tremendous difference in my life.

  6. i think this is my favorite sequence. it's challenging and helpful with opening the body. i think it shows me how much i've grown each time i do it–and i always finish in a bit of a sweat.

  7. How you manage to do side planks and keep talking with such a peaceful voice will remain a mistery to me.
    That felt awesome, even though the shakes were real !
    Namaste, everyone ~

  8. Oh dear was keen to start but found it really hard. Got dizzy with all the breathing and just couldn't do all the dogs. First time I've given up in 6 months of watching. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow. Won't give up.

  9. That got my whole body flowing! Found some of this tricky however I will do again and see how my body improves over the next few weeks. Can you believe it April already Adriene! Spring has sprung love it lighter evenings yeah 🙂 x

  10. Loved today!!! I broke my arm a few years back, had to have surgery which added a plate and screws. I remember thinking… I will never do a side plank on that side, wrong!! I can, I do and I thank you as always!!

  11. This was one of those practices where I really wrestle with my brain’s instinct towards frustration and anger. Probably more due to the fact that I did it at the end of a 20 hour day than anything else. Still, practice training myself to take what good I can and allow myself to not complete every single part is important and helpful. Sometimes yoga is very emotionally challenging. Thankful for the mental workout as well as the physical one. Phew.

  12. ACTively here so say I love you and Thank You! #ywaact Thank You for this nice and spicy practice! Stronger everyday (hopefully) 💓 Love to Yall Always! Its just me checking in 4-3-19! Have a good night! From Odessa TX Lots of Love and Peace! 💙Tauney✌🌤🔥💕

  13. I wish my body wasn't so tired because I love those side planks! Great practice that I will have to repeat when I have more energy 🙂 Loving ACT so far!

  14. Day 3 of ACT. I woke up 30mins late and I was worried this 33min practice will eat up my time, but I chose to practice anyway. I realized that a 30min yoga practice is NEVER a waste of time because it multiplies my energy 300X. This means I can do more things in less time. This is my 3rd 30-day yoga challenge and I am so happy I have kept on with the habit. Adriene is such an awesome teacher. I hope to meet you in person in the future! Namaste! 🙂

  15. Amazing practice, today's practice was challenging mentally, my mind gave up faster than my body so I had to keep reminding myself to stay present and breathe, it helped as always , also the little child pose help as well lols.
    I feel great now , tired but good tired means I will sleep well tonight, thank you Adriene for another amazing full body experience love yuh and Namaste Everyone 💗💓💕💞🙏


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