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Ernest Hemingway said, “I love to sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?”

Ernest may have been on to something.

Experts say more than 40 percent of Americans don’t get enough sleep. According to New City Chiro, a person’s most comfortable position may be why they have back, shoulder and stomach pains.

Sleep problems are common. Fail to get enough quality sleep, and risks surrounding depression, weight gain, and higher blood pressure go up.  Chronic health problems may show up.

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While experts recommend between 7 and  8 hours sleep each night, we can still wind up with health problems as well as premature wrinkles, neck and back pain, and stomach troubles.

There are a variety of mattress types available, and all are expensive. Despite each offering a solution for sleep problems, a person can improve their sleep without too much money.

The healthcare providers at New City Chiro – Lakeland, FL Chiropractor recommend sleeping on the left side, and watch as your health gets better. What other reasons are there to sleep on the left side? Some are:


Constantly feeling bloated? There could be many causes, but you might want to check out how you sleep at night. Sleeping on the left helps the pancreas and stomach function as the undigested toxins move from the small to large intestines. Sleeping on the left makes the process flow smoothly, and is vital for good, healthy digestion.  Even taking a power nap, on the left side, after a big meal will provide more energy.

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Heartburn Relief

People with a sensitive stomach find sleeping on the left is helpful as it alleviates heartburn.

Pregnant Women

Many pregnant women have spinal issues, so they should sleep on the left as much as possible. Sleeping on the left will relieve pressure from the back, and improve blood flow to the fetus. Left-side sleeping, for pregnant women, helps the flow of nutrients to the placenta which will help make for a healthy baby.

Lymphatic System

Sleeping on the left helps people remove wastes and toxins, and filters lymph fluid as the lymphatic system is on that side.

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Sleeping on the left helps the lymph drain to the heart, which remains workload-free while we sleep. Since the heart is on the left, it makes sense not to sleep on the right. By adjusting to the left side, it allows for smooth blood flow to the heart and gives the heart muscle a rest.


Snoring is not just annoying, it is a significant health problem as it is bad for the heart. Patients with sleep apnea, and those who snore constantly, see an overall improvement when they turn to the left. Sleeping on the left will keep the tongue and throat in a neutral position. The airway will remain clear, which helps proper breathing. Sleeping on the back or the right pushes these muscles to the back of the throat.



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