Small Waist Workout (10 Mins)


How To Get a Smaller Waist Workout From Home, No Equipment Needed and Only 10 Minutes!
Combine with my 3-day detox cleanse:


Welcome back loves,

So many of you have been asking me to do another waist workout so I wanted to share some more GREAT moves to really target the waist and nip it in.

This is 10 minutes long and I advise doing some cardio with it as well to really reap the benefits.

Let me know in the comments below what move you found the hardest! And also share your results me

Love, Holly xx

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  1. I was gonna watch this to exercise but then an ad popped up and explains that you shouldn't exercise when you're malnourished because it will damage your body more and that you will only sprain or injure yourself. And now i know why my body always aches when i'm trying to workout ugh i need to be healthy

  2. hey yall ima do a two week update, so here goes nothing.
    start: april 29, monday
    day 1: i had a small mental breakdown in the middle but i got back on track; the exercise isn't hard besides the russian twist section. i'm gonna keep doing this because im motivated for a field trip soon and all i have to say is keep going. <3 🙂
    day 2: not gonna lie it was a bit harder to fulfill today because i was busy all day, i came home and did my first workout and then i did this one. kinda. my legs hurt so much from doing both so i could only do the first section of this workout today. but im still feeling a bit motivated, my legs just ache yeeyee.

  3. OK guys I’m starting this work out right now day one so fucking hard obviously nothing yet i’ll keep you updated

    Day two still a little bit harder but it’s starting to get a teeny tiny bit easier feeling my stomach getting flatter

  4. Quien les miente a estas mujeres??? Su familia sus amigos deveras que hay gente mala… que lea ha hecho el mundo????????? Para llenarlo de estoooo????

  5. Gonna try to keep this updated. Also, I'm losing weight by dieting but this is the only workout I'm doing. April 25th/DAY 1- the start, my waist is 28 inches. I'll do waist measurements every 5 days. DAY 2- workout was still hard but obviously no noticeable difference yet. DAY 3- workout was easier but no noticeable difference. DAY 4- I think I'm starting to see a tiny difference in the waist but nothing on the abs. DAY 5- my waist is 27 1/2 inches. I still don't really see a difference but the measurements are there.

  6. I'm going to update
    Day1:it is so hard i'm trying my best to lose weight don't changes notice.
    Day2:you know what guys i don't wanna be a liar or just stop posting. But it's just it's so hard so i just give up…..bye..oh but i'm trying other workout for beginners so…bye…

  7. Started 21 april <3

    Day 1: i see that My shape is a light verdien of The hourglass shape
    Day 2: ^ and My belly is turning flat
    Day 3: Not MUCH difference
    Day 4: My belly is LITTLE bit flatter
    Day 5: not Much change
    Day: 6: Not Much change
    Day: 7: i didn’t work out bc i had a Mental breakdown :/
    Day:8 didn’t work out

  8. Oh my gosh!!!😂 i wasn't able to do that 90 degrees planks and all ,it was so hard for me ,alas im done for today and i think this will bring change in my body 😂 it was really hard😊😊

  9. i’m going to actually finish a week of exercise and keep you guys updated.

    Day 1: worked out, didn’t see anything new but felt the burn.

    Day 2: I already saw my abs forming in!! was a little easier to do the workout but still burned a lot.

    Day 3: DEFINITELY SAW A DIFFERENCE ON THE SIDES!! slowly forming the abs still but i can tell i look different

    Day 4: i wanted to quit but i didn’t so i worked hard and really felt the burn and hopefully i’ll see hella nice results. i’ll let u know the next day….

    Day 5: i actually worked out but forgot to update on here but, i saw that the first row of my abs formed at the top and it’s moving it’s way down. I also noticed that the line in the middle is forming, finally.

    Day 6: my lower belly got really flat and i’m loving it, definitely saw a lot of results from this workout and i’m that person that doesn’t believe things until they see it and from this i saw it.

  10. Your body looks phenomenal and I am actually going to print a picture of you and put in on my wall to stay motivated and inspired.
    You're so hot! ❤️X


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