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Carrot Snack Stick Recipe: Having problems getting kids to eat vegetables? Here is great healthy snack that everyone will love. Tell us what you think! Post your comments below

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  1. I have made these & we love them… came across this video when looking for recipe details (now it is in my recipe box). I was prepping for my 3 yr old to help & tossed the carrot in the flour mixture & set it aside for a while… It seems the oil absorbed a bit more quickly doing this. Also, I use a pizza cutter instead of a knife- super easy.

  2. I am so excited to try this recipe for my daughter who is a very picky eater. She loves Veggie Straw chips but who know how much "veggie" she's actually getting, with these I know she's getting real carrots! Hope she likes them..

  3. I want to make these, but at the moment don't have any parmesan cheese…would breadcrumbs work? or just grated cheddar?  (i know it's a different consistency…)

  4. Hey I just found your channel and I'm enjoying your recipes. I had tried this recipe but with wholewheat and I do believe that using the white flour would of made the difference in taste. I am also going to add more cheese and carrot because the whole wheat does over rule those tastes lol. It was simple,fun and my daughter ate them and I'm glad she did because she rarely will touch carrots and this got veggies into her. I'm doing the carrot chips now. Thanks!


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