Hey guys! How’s it going? I am just finishing up my first 3 weeks of vacation and still have another 3 to go! Honestly, I’m ready to go back. Maybe not with the kids yet, but I would love to be able to get into my room and get things ready for them. So what have I been doing? I honestly did nothing the first two weeks, but this week I’ve been on a roll. I’ve made some dry erase worksheets for my kids IEP boxes (I’ll talk more about that in a couple weeks), buying things I need for the year and starting to put together some new task ideas for our life skills classroom. This mail sorting task is one of the first I’ve finished. I bought this 15 slot sorting box on Amazon for 15 dollars then spent a day making mail. The mail is all addressed to people at my work. I changed up the layout to seem realistic. Sometimes using the school name first, sometimes the district name, some with our names only, some with attn: etc. I made the return labels real address in case I want to change it up and have them work on another task with them. There are 40 laminated pieces of “mail” and I still plan to add maybe 4 laminated brown clasp envelopes. I have some at work so will wait until I can get in there to grab them. If you would like your own copy to customize and print, click HERE

I know the time will go fast and before I know it my kids will be back and another year will begin. I’m starting out this year with 12 students. I’ve only had 10 the past couple years. The only bad part about that is I’m going to have to separate the “round table” where I do all my group lessons. So bummed 🙁 I think it will be too hard to try to move them together and back apart everyday. I do have in a request for one large table I can put in the back of the room. I’m even willing to give up a lot of my office area if we can find something that will work. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’ll post again next week!

Talk to you soon,


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