We might be in danger of overusing the phrase “knowledge is power”, but in the end your best advocate in the world of migraine treatment is you. The days are long gone when we just relied on our doctors to tell us what to do.

Many of you enjoyed the 2018 Migraine World Summit, and many of us now have access to the full library of new materials.

If you’re not sure yet whether or not you should invest, here are some of the ways that we are benefiting from this material. I’ll give you a brief, point form list of some examples, because your time is precious.

Migraine World Summit 2018 Resources

  • Botox for migraine: It’s a popular treatment, but why do some people benefit more than others?
  • Cannabis for Migraine: If you’re tired of the sensational headlines, and want a sober perspective from a scientist and doctor. Who might benefit from cannabis treatment?
  • Chronic migraine and disability: Careers and finances and the migraine monster – how specifically can you navigate legal issues with your doctor, employer, and the government? Especially applicable for those in the USA, but with wider worldwide application as well.
  • Real world treatments: Companies with money can promote certain treatments and make them sound popular, but what are patients actually using to treat migraine? Patients and doctors alike will benefit from this inside view.
  • Specific symptoms: Experts take a “whole person” view when they narrow in on migraine and migraine-related symptoms that are often ignored. How can I deal with body pain, allergy symptoms, vertigo… etc?
  • How does Migraine “work”: The latest research will change the way you think about migraine. Delve into the mind-body science of migraine and its treatment.
  • Migraine and Stage of Life: The way migraine is treated changes over time. What about aging with migraine? Sports concussions? Risk of stroke in young adults? Menopause?
  • “Nothing Works for Me”: Have you been told this? An expert demonstrates why some doctors give up on patients, and what patients can do to change this perception and get good treatment.
  • Could my treatment get better? If you’re just trusting your doctor, or what you see online, you may not realize that there’s better treatment out there. At least one interview this year may change the way you think about treatment and open the door to options you didn’t know were available.
  • What actually makes migraine worse – or actually fights against it? In the past year, some migraine “facts” that “everyone knows” have been questioned by new research. Technology, social media, and new clinical research is helping patients identify simple changes that can improve their daily lives.

It’s amazing how our knowledge of migraine and its treatment has progressed. This year, the interviews were “leaner and meaner” – focusing in on practical ways to make our lives better, using the very latest science, as well as patient experiences from the “real world”.

Once again, I am convinced that if you or someone you love suffers from migraine, you will find this 2018 library of videos and transcripts worth the investment. (And yes, there is a 30 day 100% money back guarantee if you don’t agree that this reference material will help you in your fight against migraine.)

To check out the details, visit:

Migraine World Summit 2018

. . . supercharge your knowledge, and supercharge your migraine treatment. It’s time to fight back.

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