Stability & Core Yoga Flow (75min)


A sweaty, strong and dynamic vinyasa full-length practice to challenge your balance, core strength and stability.

Produced by Paula Lay & Mischa Baka

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  1. This was one of your best yoga video. On days where I feel like doing a long yoga workout that leaves me a bit sweaty but peaceful and calm afterwards, this will be one of my go-to videos. Thank you so much.

  2. I have done this practice before & loved it. Today I came back to it and it was the best thing I could have done for my body and mind! Due to some unavoidable circumstances I was unable to practice my yoga for about 2 weeks. My body and breathe were a wreck. As an incomplete quadriplegic, C3-7, if I don't work my body every day, it doesn't work well at all. I can't stand or walk but can accomplish many poses in a modified manner. Thank you so very much for helping me come back to at least some semblance of peaceful balance today!


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