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  1. Just wanted to say hello and to thank everyone at this channel and for its amazing content!
    Started calisthenics in November 2017 after losing 150 lbs. It just felt like a natural progression to get into calisthenics. So with your help and a few others, (One of which is Then X.) I was constant, followed reccomend progressions by September 2018 I completed my first pullup and can now do a few planche push ups, working on my L sit and alot more.
    Just ordered a set of rings, gonna kick it up a notch! Thanks for all you guys do!!! Calisthenics help save my life !! Literally!! Cheers!

  2. Guys, there are stops available in stores with a height of 10 cm. But here on the video, the stops are very high. Should I try to find high ones (for correct execution of the exercise)?

  3. I appreciate the idea but I doubt even 5% of people here (including me) have any of that equipment. I'm looking for body weight workout man. love your channel but this video is a bit dissapointing


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