Starting exercise for weight loss


Hello, my name is Kimberlee, and I started this channel to document my suboxone taper. I talk about anything and everything!

The link to my PayPal is in my “about me” section on my channel. Again, thank you to everyone who supports my channel. Every view, like, and subscription matters to me. I love you all!

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  1. Kimberlee, you actually look very attractive, but we all have goals and a path to strengthen ourselves, and you my dear are differently intelligent enough to know best for you. To be honest Kimberlee you amaz me with the out come you have reached from the roads you have traveled. Best of life to you and yours. Your a special woman, a very pretty and interesting woman as well.

  2. Ya I feel like a half hour is a lot maybe just start with walking? Your body will adapt just dont push too hard! You will get a natural feel good from working out good luck!!


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