Stephen Curry – Intense Workout & Practice Mix


NBA Star Stephen Curry amazing training,practice and workout
These workouts with Stephen Curry seen in the videos are being done with Accelerate Basketball, and Accelerate Basketball Online,

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  1. For the love of the game my aim is to walk away from this game some life replete with shame I ain't repeating the shame that got me fame oxymoronic insane either I'm in the game or I'm out B Boy route to fed my mouf so much doubts and remorse for the course albeit I'll always love the sport sport and steph you bet she's beautiful Ayesha and riley royalty I won't rile thee publicly or privately my disappointment already see what's the point in you dissing me how could this be I hope you miss me friend or is it enemy maan I ain't got the energy to be turned on by hate so I'm flipping the switch for chrissake

  2. It seems people find actual skills more fun to watch than abnormal bodytypes. Aim is the only skill more important than tallness or abnormal wingspans. It attracts defenders and makes his teammates get better stats and it's an actual skill that takes training.


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