Daniels Laizans (RIGA, Latvia) Strong Latvian guy Workout & CALISTHENICS. Street Workout WORLD CHAMPION 2017!! Street Workout WORLD CUP Winner 2015 & 2016! World Travel Vlogger – Street Workout & Calithenics athlete 2x World Cup Winner – 3x Latvian Champ.

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Andrea Larosa – Superhuman Calisthenics Domination. STRONG GUY Andrea Larosa (4x Int/Nat Champion, 2x National Vice Champion, Calisthenics & Street Workout Athlete from Italy). Certified Instructor/Trainer.
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What’s up guys, it’s me, Dejan. Let me tell you about me. In reality, I’m not called Stipke. First name’s Dejan, last name Stipic. My workout career started with gymnastics, which I started as I was 6 years old. I was good at it, competed in national championships and was a Serbian representative at bigger junior competitions, but after a while I had to stop because of several injuries.
So I started Calisthenics in 2012, and competed 2013 already at the world cup in Zagreb, Croatia, where I got 2nd place. That qualified me for the first street workout and calisthenics super final in Moscow, where I got 3rd place.
In total gives me that 17 years of work out experience, and that’s what I want you to benefit from. Starting to work out is hard. As a beginner, but even as a experienced one, you don’t know anything you need, could and want to know.
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