Tabata Workout to Tone Everyting in 10 Minutes | Class FitSugar


We love the Tabata protocol for quick, efficient workouts. The simple structure, 20-second intense intervals followed by 10 seconds rest for four minutes, means you can really push yourself. Not only do you build strength, but you burn more calories during and after your workout. Try two rounds of Tabata with Equinox trainer Dana McCaw. Press play for the warmup and workout. And, of course, to sweat.

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  1. I looove this workout but I wish the girl in blue and pink would shut up. Especially when she keeps saying the calm before the storm, ugh. It's annoying af, lol. I wish I could turn off the sound but I like to hear the fitness instructor. Very good workout though, it helped me lose 20 lbs in 2 months (along with a healthier diet and using an elliptical).

  2. For one thing .. you guys are not thin !!! The secret that I learned .. stop working out so hard .. you are actually making your body retain fat by stressing I.T .. I found the secret for me !you are really deceiving at least 70 percent of the population .. I was wondering why most trainers are fat!!!

  3. this is good!  Thank you I love Tabata work outs.  The only thing is that it isn't pronounced taBAta it's ta-ba-ta – Japenese, named after the scientist who discovered it.  Japanese typically has equal weighted emphasis on each syllable.

  4. I was 208 pounds over the winter now I weighed 200 lb actually 201 lb and now I weigh 180 lb from the winter to the spring to the summer and now I want to lose more weight I hope I can do this it's really hard though very hard.

  5. iv been looking for some exercise that is not so fast pace n love how this gives u just that. going to try this. n where did u buy ur shirts? the 2 on the corners I would really like a shirt that doesn't keep going down on u on ur chest when u workout.


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