The above is one of hubby’s favourite phrases, and one of the first things that alerted me to the fact that he’s not a natural optimist, but today I found myself saying the same thing.

I realised this morning that there was no putting it off – I’ve been flaring for the last three or four days and I had to see the GP. If you read this blog much you’ll know how much fun that can be and why I was putting it off! After a few days of resting as much as possible, alternating painkillers, putting on compresses, rubbing in gel, bathing and, ultimately, realising I’d been overdosing slightly on the ibruprofen by mistake, the time had come!

I realised I’d had a short course of steroids at the end of January so thought it unlikely they’d prescribe more! I wasn’t holding out much hope for help.

So I phoned the GP and an amazing series of events occurred:

  1. I got through quickly
  2. A helpful receptionist quickly arranged for a doc to call me back.
  3. The doc called me back quickly. He wasn’t actually part of the amazing bit, but let’s be cheerful and gloss over annoying remarks like ‘You had a blood test on 12 May and that was no more inflamed than usual’. Don’t get me started …
  4. Back to the good stuff! He asked me to come in and see someone (not him, yay!) and it turned out to be a doc I haven’t seen for YEARS but who I’ve been told is an arthritis specialist, in as much as a general practitioner is a specialist in anything, I like her a LOT.
  5. She remembered me and comemted that it had been ages and took the time to ask how things had been going in general. I gave her a rundown including the fact I was usually stick-free and not limping!
  6. She examined me and, being an experienced doctor with arthritis knowledge, realised the joint was warm and swollen, rather than reckoning it was fine (or just osteo) ’cause it wasn’t bright red and flashing like a lighthouse.
  7. We talked through options including general steroid injection, injection into the joint and oral steroids. I said unless there was no other option I wouldn’t have the joint injection and she asked what happened when I’d had it last. My answer of, ‘You did it actually and I swore at you …quite a lot. Sorry!’ Made her laugh and we settled for a short dose of oral with a general injection if it doesn’t work.
  8. I went straight over to the chemist and the computerised request was already there and they had it ready in a couple of minutes. I was also greeted with a cheery ‘Hello Anne!’ as I went up to the counter. I love that they’re so friendly but hate the fact I’m in so often that they know me by name!

So from expecting nothing useful  at all, I ended up, very speedily, with exactly what I wanted!

Well done surgery and chemist ..and I don’t often say that! Now I just have to hope it does the trick!


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