The 5 minute workout to get rid of man boobs naturally


In this video, I show you step by step, how to get rid of man boobs naturally without going to the gym.

Man Boobs can be caused by hormone imbalance. They may be issues with the hormones sending more estrogren in the body. This can result in having excess fat on the chest especially in the breasts area.

Men have breasts and even have milk ducts, but for most men it’s does not develop like it does in women due to higher testosterone level during puberty.

Unfortunately we cannot just target jut the breasts area to get rid of it.

This video will show step by step to reduce man Boobs by massaging not just the boobs area.

Do this 2 times a day for 3 weeks
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  1. This has helped! I thank you! My left man boob is much bigger than the right one.. it has been this way for at least 10 years..I have mention this to the dr over the years, but they never said anything about it… what causes this and what can I do for it? I thank you so much for all your great videos and help!

  2. Thank you Austin we can’t thank you enough for all your good information, could you please do a video about droopy eyes, Im 30 and I look 50 with my eyes, I can’t even apply eyeshadow because you can’t even see it pleaaaaase
    I don’t know how to fill up the form in your page where I can find it
    Thank you again !!

  3. Superb videos.. Have been following your videos.. and sharing with my family.. will start doing ur exercises.. is there any natural method along with some exercises to help lose weight and belly pooch after c section surgery? I really need to lose some kilos. Plz help…

  4. Is there any method to reduce women's breast? Can these exercises be used for women. Really appreciate if you could help with an exercise for women to reduce breast. Thank you.

  5. Sorry, but I don't logically see how massaging your breast will make them smaller.
    Could you explain how it works specifically?


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