The Active Office Worker Ep. 02: 3 Exercises for a Stiff & Sore Neck


Office life giving you a sore neck? Addressing it with this routine can make you feel better, work better, hit the gym better and even LOOK better.

That’s because neck pain can interrupt every aspect of your life. It affects your ability to focus, it messes with your posture, and the aches keep you from hitting it hard during your workouts.

It’s a vicious cycle. You’ve got a sore neck, so you stop moving. Which only makes your neck stiffer and less mobile, which increases the pain. Add in being hunched over a desk for 8+ hours a day and the loop intensifies.

The combo of tightness plus the nature of desk work also leads to forward head posture. This stance can aggravate issues throughout the body and let’s be honest, it’s just not a great look.

But these 3 simple neck exercises are perfectly designed to stop the cycle in its tracks.

The first move is an Active Self-Myofascial Release technique that will improve the extensibility of your neck musculature. The second is a controlled articular rotation method that takes advantage of this new extensibility to increase your cervical range of motion.

The third exercise is a strengthening move that shores up your stabilizing muscles in the proper posture. This will make it easier to maintain good neck posture throughout the day.

I recommend making this routine a daily habit. If you find yourself forgetting, try anchoring the routine to a daily activity. For example, decide you’re going to pause and perform these 3 moves as soon as you get back to your desk after lunch, or maybe it’s the last thing you do every day before taking off.

This routine should help improve forward head posture and ease the sore neck that’s been dragging you down.

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