Baby blues, a part of postpartum depression affects most of the new mothers in the world, and this is a very confused and puzzling state of period for them. The dramatic drop of hormones after delivery is said to be the exact reason behind this, as dictated by the doctors. Though doctors can trace the signs of this during pregnancy itself, with someone going through mood swings while carrying the baby or having this in family history are more prone to post-partum depression. Feeling sad, upset, stressed out and also angry is very natural after conceiving, and these are the symptoms of this mental instability. Women begin to feel unwanted, fall out of love, insecure about the new member in the family, and show tendencies of being extremely anxious, and angry at the same time. Also, pregnancy makes them fat, with stretch marks and other physical changes and ailments which again are some reasons behind their extreme mood swing disorder.

Husbands and other members of the families should be in constant support, and if this doesn’t help, one can seek professional help from an offline or online anger management class.

Here are some tips to help a woman fighting with PPD.

Talk It Out

You need to be mentally very prepared for parenthood to guarantee your well-being. Discuss your mental instability to the doctor, and she will help you to understand the depth of being a mother, making you look to the brighter side, instead of being furious or anxious over the little things. Doctors must know about your mind, so that the levels of hormones can be checked, and you can have some control on your daily routine.

Learn To Chill

From deep breathing, to meditating, to chanting some hymns, can help woman fight the stress and anger due to PDD. You need to know about different ways to chill, to be peaceful, and to sooth your mind and brain. This way, you can be calm, and also manage the baby well without getting angry or irritated.

Sleep Along With Your Baby

Depression often causes insomnia, and you would always have the crying baby to take care of which cuts the amount of sleep at night. To prevent the loss of sleep from body, you should try to take short naps along with your baby, when the little one sleeps, you can be relaxed, and also indulge in some slumber for mental rejuvenation.

Some Time Out To Exercise

Take brisk works, go jogging into the fresh air, take your baby for some walk in the evening, and enjoy nature to feel energized, mentally and physically. Instead of locking yourself up inside the house , you need to move physically outside, and normalize the hormonal imbalance naturally without taking the help of medicines.

Confront Your Fears To Husband

You need to be very vocal about your feelings and thoughts, or fears, and discuss them with your better half. Remember, it is his child too, and if anything bothers you, he would be the best person to solve it. Thus, talk with him, and try to divide the duties, which automatically divides the tension and stress too.

Join a “New -Mothers” Group

You will come across groups like this on the web, or offline too. Be a part of any one of them, and feel free to learn from others, and share your experience with others. This will make you at ease, and feel content with yourself. Also, this will help you to cope up with anger and stress through different stress and anger management programs.

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