The “Farmers Carry” is NOT a good fitness exercise


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It’s very common for the fitness industry to recruit movements used in sports and strength exhibitions, and convert them into “fitness exercises”—but this is not always a good idea. The pursuit of fitness goals should, ideally speaking, include exercises that are highly efficient—producing the most benefit with the least wasted effort and the least risk of injury. The “Farmer Carry” is not in that category. This video explains why.

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  1. I think you are missing 3 key points about the farmers carry. First every time you take a step that is going to contribute tension. Second, it's widest ranging application is grip development. You are taking a weight that your grip strength is challenged where everything else can go forever. The farmers carry is frequently implemented as a deadlift accessory when grip strength is a limiting factor.
    Number 3, When the traps are in that eccentric position under tension, with every step contributing more tension it is a recipe for muscle damage, and thus a powerful tool for trap hypertrophy. A shrug would be exponentially better for strength, but a farmers carry is known for putting more meat on the traps in less time.

  2. Another great video Doug, do you think that sometime you could do a video on exercises for someone who has arthritis in the knees? That would be great, thank you again for your great videos.

  3. Very sound analysis as always. Speaking of sound, that's the major thing that might need an improvement on your channel. It sounds muffled and there's too much background noise. I think you can boost the reach of these videos quite a bit if you up the production quality, and the sound quality is a major component. Thank you for all your work!

  4. once again, accurate information and so well explained. I always love seeing a new video from doug even though I also have the book. Before hiring a personal trainer at the gym, the first question to ask is, "have you read Doug's book?"

  5. From a bodybuilding standpoint no it’s not the most beneficial but it is a functional movement especially if you add a lift and carry to the movement. That would assist in activities of daily living.

  6. If they really want to do farmer walks, they should go work for a farmer. I used to put up bales of hay that often weighed from 80 to over 100 lbs. Get out on a wagon in an uneven field in close to or over 100 degrees and put up bales all day and you'll get a hell of a workout, plus get paid (not much) for it. Same with taking in tobacco, or man-handling 180 lb bales in a tobacco warehouse. Then there's carrying shingles or buckets of hod up ladders all day. Carrying dumbbells around an air-conditioned gym looks dumb, and annoys everyone lol.

  7. Great channel, and excellent book. So glad I bought it, saves me lots of joint pain, and getting better results from my workouts in less time. Thanks, Doug.

  8. Gotta love how ppl will disregard a guy like Doug who is a experienced lifter and knowledgeable on biomechanics and listen to nimrods like elliot hulse and alpha destiny who will sell you dog poo and make you believe its gold. There's a reason ppl like Doug aren't popular cause they don't bs.

  9. Since I bought your book and watched your videos here and with Ric Draisin, I have modified my workouts, stopped doing squats that were crushing my spine and I am working my way toward a pain free life.

  10. Excellent video I hope you don't mind but I added this to my crowbar gym fitness page on Facebook. Wonderful reference this is the kind of material I need. There's so much nonsense in the fitness world. And I'm glad there's an expert out there. Thanks again love your book. I use it all the time to explain proper technique.

  11. Always happy to see a new video of mr Brignole.. BUT,.. one thing.. In every video,… The sound is somewhat disturbing. And this time again.. I hope you will sort this out yourself or a technician.. Thank you very much for the effort to make us better.

  12. It really is a such useless exercise to build traps. Most of the ppl who do farmers Carrys still do heavy shrugs and then attribute the results to farmer Carrys. Such a pointless exercise. Much like the stupid rackpulls if you want to hit the traps just train them directly with shrugs. That is the king of all trap exercises.

  13. Is the print version of your book available soon? I’m going to buy it, but I was going to wait for the physical copy to come out. If it is going to be a while I’ll just get the pdf one


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