The “Heart to Heart with Money” creative process keeps getting richer and richer!

In Part 1 I shared how I set up sacred space for this money journey. In Part 2 we explored the dualistic nature of money.

At this stage in the creative process, I connect with the Heart of Money to find out what makes it tick.

Want to know what makes money move in your life?

Watch “Heart to Heart with Money Part 2 and a half”

If you want to understand money, you have to understand the engine pumping it.

I created a Money Heart Coloring Meditation for you to explore this question for yourself:


What is the engine pumping money in your life?


Download Money Heart Coloring Meditation


The Money Heart pumps energy differently depending on the fuel it is given.

When we take money actions that are fueled with love, our Money Heart grows and expands. When we take money actions fueled by fear, our Money Heart constricts and tightens.

To empower your own Money Heart, take a moment to identify the difference between a love-fueled money action and a fear-fueled money action.

When you can discern the difference between these two energetic states, you’ll have the opportunity to consciously choose the kind of relationship you want to grow with money.


Share in the comments some of your love-fueled money actions.

When you can name the feeling, you put yourself in a powerful position to grow a richer relationship with money.

This is a money generating activity!

Gift yourself the time right now to think about your love-fueled money actions.

Enrich someone’s life today. Share this “The Heart of Money” with your friends.


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