After selling out in record time, our much-loved JSHealth Vitamins for Hair + Energy are back!

Over the last two years, the JSHealth team has worked tirelessly to create a vitamin that’s designed to support energy, wellbeing, metabolism, thyroid health, healthy skin and hair strength. So, when our vitamins were launched earlier this year, I was utterly blown away by how quickly they sold out and the incredible transformations that people have experienced. I’m talking increased energy levels, improved skin health and, of course, strong, long and healthy hair.

Here are just a few of the mind-blowing testimonials we’ve received from our happy customers:

“You are a vitamin wizard and a miracle worker! My hair, skin and energy have never looked better! Thank you!”

“Since taking the vitamins, I have so much more energy and my hair is super shiny. I do shift work and I don’t need to nap during the day anymore!”

“Hi Jess, I just wanted to thank you for creating the magic potion of vitamins. It’s had an amazing impact on my energy and my hair is so much stronger and longer!”

“Your vitamins are amazing! I recently cut my hair shorter and regret it so much, so I had to try these [vitamins] and my hair has definitely grown faster! It’s also so shiny. My nails are growing so fast and look so much stronger. My energy levels have improved drastically, too. It’s literally life-changing and I won’t ever look back!”

“These vitamins are unbelievable. Not only is my energy at an all-time high, but my hair is starting to look better and is growing. My skin is flawless and I have no bags under my eyes. Miracle stuff. I’m feeling so alive. Thank you!”

“I feel so happy. I just got complimented on my hair growth. It hasn’t grown at all in two years. My friend has also started taking your vitamins now because they are honestly the best thing ever! Thank you for creating such magic!”

“I just need to say that these vitamins are amazing. I had glandular fever and struggled for months with energy and was constantly tired. After two weeks of taking these [vitamins] I feel so much better. Thanks so much, Jess.”

“I feel amazing! My energy levels are crazy, my hair is so lush, long and strong, I’m generally just so much happier. Miracle vitamins. Thank you.”


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