Earlier this year the Migraine Trust came out with new editions of their migraine toolkits. And you need to check them out.

One of the toolkits from the Migraine TrustThese toolkits have been available for a while (we talked about their “employment” kit back in 2012), but they are constantly being updated. Currently there are seven topics:

  • Information Service (general migraine information)
  • Advocacy Service (general information about finding help)
  • Help accessing healthcare (just what it sounds like)
  • Help at work (managing work when you have migraine)
  • Help in school (for children and young people)
  • Help in further and higher education (yes, you can do it in spite of migraine!)
  • Accessing welfare benefits (the legal stuff)

Now, I should mention right away that the Migraine Trust is based in the UK, so the legal aspect will have more relevance to people specifically there.

But if you’re outside of the UK, don’t let that scare you away! There is a lot of excellent information and tips for you, wherever you are in the world. Even much of the legal stuff may be helpful to you.

Some of the topics simply have a simple page of information and links. Others have downloadable pdf files, which are packed with practical information.

So if one of the topics up there fits you, go here: the Migraine Trust toolkits

All the above topics are instantly available from this page.

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