The Most Genetically Gifted Bodybuilders Ever


In this video we review my personal Top 5 picks for the most genetically gifted bodybuilders in bodybuilding history. Who would you pick for your top 5?
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  1. Nick, Nick Nick. Youre missing some greats in here, which imo are better than this list. 1. Lee priest – biggest arms proportional to body size ever, not too mention his muscle bodies were insane. Guy had massive calves and quads too, unbeatable abs and body symmetry. 2. Flex wheeler, probably the most underrated uncrowned mr.olympia ever. 3. Sergio Oliva, best v taper ever and the king of the victory pose. 4 – Kevin levrone – yet another guy with crazy genetics. best shoulders ever. Dorian shoukdnt even be on this list as a mention. only thing guys had was size, his flow and symmetry was disgusting. He did have an amazing back, ill give you that. Genetics isn't just about size, and most would argue size is the least important factor of genetics. Look at greg kovacs. guy was 400+ pounds in the off season, but he looked like a balloon and on stage he was just a big oversized croissant lol. genetics is your skin tone and elasticity, ability to attain muscle maturity, muscle bodies, symmetry and insertions etc. Size is genetic yes, but there's lots of big freak out there that look like crap still.


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