The Perfect Shoulder Workout | Yatinder Singh


In this video, I would be showing some great exercises which are specifically targeting shoulder/ deltoid muscles. I’ve shared some of my personal favorite exercises that you can include in your shoulder workout.
Make sure to always start with warm up as I always mention. This reduces the chances of causing injury during the workout/ heavy lifting.


Dumbbell Press
10-12 Repetition
4 Sets

Overhead Press/ Military Press
10-12 Repetitions
3 Sets

Both Arm Dumbbell Side lateral
15 Repetitions
3 Sets

Front Cable Raises
15 Repetitions
3 Sets

Both Arm Cable Rear Lateral
20 Repetitions
3 Sets

Barbell Shrugs
20 repetitions
3 sets

These exercises will assist in getting the perfect round and defined shoulders and the correct techniques would reduce the chances of injuries.
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