The Root Cause of Compressed Spines – 5 Easy Spinal Decompression Exercises using Core and Hips


Has stretching not helped to decompress your spine and get rid of back pain? You might need to work on your core strength. Here are 5 SIMPLE, yet extremely effective exercises to strengthen your hips and core, decompress your spine, and get rid of back pain.

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  1. not sure about compression, however, a lot of my pain is from degenerative disc disease that is a bit more advanced for a 36-year-old. L 4 – 5 and my sacrum are one and L 3 is getting closer. Any recommendations or tips?

  2. Hey Dean thanks, I have lower back pain look forward to trying these.
    I'm 54 and have been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my hips, I use to be a runner, and still play a little soccer.
    I have a problem lifting my right leg it's always stiff and sore esp if I'm standing a lot at work. lately I've been getting pain in my groin while walking strangely enough soccer doesn't seem to affect it too much as long as I keep to a restricted range of motion and don't sprint.
    My question is as I've lost the ability to get a full range of motion in my right leg and can no longer sprint due to the discomfort is it possible to regain this through yoga ? Many thanks Martin from the UK.

  3. Love your helpful videos, Dean! Keep up the great work! I stand and walk for 8-10 hours a day at work. Some days my head and arms feel like they weigh 50 lbs and I only weigh 170. Is there something I can do during the day to relive or prevent this?


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