This year’s TTAC LIVE 2017 event – with its impressive list of 40 speakers coming together in one place for three incredible days – promises to be even better. They have just finished finalizing the jam-packed TTAC LIVE 2017 schedule.

You’ll be awed – as we were – by the depth and wide range of healing secrets these experts are eager to discuss with you to help you prevent, treat and heal cancer.

This event is for anybody who wants to prevent cancer and improve their health — regardless of your health history or educational background. We’ve got something for everyone.

Please join us at The Truth About Cancer LIVE 2017 from October 5th – 7th 2017 for a powerful weekend of discovery, knowledge, and hope to equip you for your journey towards real and lasting healing.

About Dr. Darrell Wolfe’s Presentation:

Don’t miss the lecture of a lifetime! Come watch, learn about the programs and beliefs that are intentionally downloaded on a mental and physical level to create a snowball effect that will spiral into a life threatening situation called cancer.

This is accomplished by making pain the enemy, which creates a domino effect of chronic inflammation, which has become the norm, which leads to an overwhelming production of Fibrin, energy blocks and massive internal scar tissue formation. This creates a damming effect, backing up toxic waste and choking off the nutritional supply to tissue cells, which will then mutate or die.

When people are physically and emotionally poisoned and brainwashed to believe that they are powerless it is only a matter of time before a tumour is created as a safety mechanism to store the toxic emotions and chemicals until we learn that self care is the only health care and that loving ourselves is the prescription for creating the perfect day.

Until the host is trained to process and eliminate toxic waste and negative emotions efficiently tumours will always be an essential part of their survival.

Welcome to: ‘The Tumour Time Bomb’

We have a choice: Heart Set or Mind Set – Victim or Hero. Brain washing is a self serve, life saving act that must be repeated on a daily basis in this age of conflict and anxiety if you wish to unleash the Brave Heart within. When we learn how to create the perfect day we will then have the perfect life!

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