As a lifelong student of the manifesting process, I’ve come to appreciate that there is both a masculine and a feminine aspect to achieving one’s vision.
When I have a vision for my future, I am focusing my energy on manifesting that vision. Some of my energy goes outward, into the things I do and the things I plan to do. This is the more masculine aspect of manifesting. A business owner might write a business plan, set financial goals and network to manifest a successful business. Someone who wants to manifest a meaningful romantic relationship might make a list of qualities and non-negotiable traits they are seeking and then sign up for a dating site or more community activities to meet local singles.
In addition to goal-setting and taking action, there are equally important feminine aspects to manifesting. These include creativity, intuition and receptivity. When it comes to goal-setting, creativity is very helpful for outside-the-box ways of paving our path. Intuition serves us through each step of the manifesting process because only we really know what is best for us and in line with our life purpose. And receptivity is literally preparing our body and our mind for what we want. If I want to manifest a successful business it benefits me to embody being a successful business owner each day. If I want to manifest a meaningful relationship, embodying what it feels like to be loved and cherished every day will magnetically pull in what I am seeking.
Our culture is results-driven and focuses on the rational and measurable. The feminine qualities are not rational or measurable, they are by definition felt rather than thought and experienced rather than quantified. That is actually the beauty of yin and yang, you are supposed to have both. Two halves to a whole. So when it comes to manifesting your next vision, don’t forget to pair your go-out-and-get-it with some sit-still-and-feel-it.


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