This Killer Workout Torches Calories — About 500 in 45 Minutes


Get 30 Days to a Flat Belly:

It’s time to break a sweat! This 45-minute workout from celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins, who trains Pink and Alicia Keys, will help you burn up to 500 calories. How, you might ask? Because Jeanette keeps you moving the entire time! It’s a wonderfully intense workout, but we offer modifications for all the moves too. Grab a towel to mop your brow, a bottle of water to hydrate during the workout, and press play.

On Anna: Lululemon, Koral, and Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL)
On Jeanette: Nike
On Kaycee: Under Armour and Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL)
Manduka mats and Corkcicle bottles



  1. I actually thought this workout was a bit easier, but when I looked at my heart monitor it was high and I was actually burning way more calories than I thought! More than some other workouts that felt more difficult but didn't burn as many calories. She does a great job of of mixing it up so that it is effective, but doable. It doesn't feel too tough, but actually works. The best of both worlds!

  2. I work out at the gym everyday doing 1 to 2 hour circuit training and 1 hour of MMA. I wasn’t able to get to the gym today. Decided to do some late night workout at home. I sweated a ton, though not out of breath at all, it is still a good workout for people who can’t get to the gym. Will add in some weights for a more challenging workout next time!

  3. I love Jeanette’s energy. I’ve been working out with this video on and off for a year and I find it works the best for me out of everything I’ve tried. I love kickboxing, I enjoy that it’s long but there’s variety in it and the moves are not your traditional workout moves you see everywhere. It’s truly amazing.


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