I hope someone here can help. For 2 months i have had symptoms i thought was vaginal thrush – itching, soreness inside and out, white discharge that is slightly clumpy, an unpleasant musty odour. Symptoms subside almost completely during my period, return straight after and get significantly worse after ovulation and week before my period. I took a Fluconazole pill but it didn’t help. The dr gave me a swab to do myself, but the results came back saying negative for yeast but a possibility of group strep b. The nurse told me they have only queried the possibility and that it wasn’t a definite diagnosis, and that GBS doesn’t cause symptoms and is only treated in pregnant women. So she couldn’t say what’s causing my symptoms. I have had thrush before with the exact same symptoms, it was unresponsive to Fluconazole and Clotrimazole pessaries, but was identified on swabs as being a rare strain of yeast that is unresponsive to otc treatments. At the time my doc referred me to a gynaecologist but the referral went missing and i never chased it up because my symptoms disappeared on their own. Now symptoms are back and i was convinced it was the same thing returned because i left it untreated. Now i don’t know what to think – the discharge and odour surely indicate an infection of some kind, but the swab was negative. I took the swab only 5 days after my period ended, when symptoms were mild. Last time when i got the rare yeast diagnosis, I did the swab at that time of the month, it was also negative, yet when i retested weeks later it was positive. So i wonder if the reason it was negative was because at that point in the cycle, the yeast was within "normal" levels? Or is it possible that group b strep is causing these symptoms even though that is highly unusual? What the hell is going on? (as far as i’m aware a general swab is tested for yeast, BV, strep and trichomonosis, they aren’t individually tested for on different swabs, so i have not tested positive for any overgrowth except strep and even that is doubtful). I am not pregnant and i have never had any sexual activity of any kind, so no STD. My menstrual cycles are regular. Can anyone help?


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