We often face chronic stress related problems amidst the humdrums of life, and hence, not just our mental and physical well-being, but also our relationships get ruined. But did you know that apart from yoga and meditation, there is something, rather someone who can help you de-stress yourself? Yes you got it right; befriending a furry animal can actually benefit you in taming anxiety. Even according to medical science, dogs are proven to be the best companions, who can relieve you to have a better health and most importantly be happy and content with everything happening in life. A great social support, it is time to pet a dog to get rid of the negative emotions leading to serious consequences.

One of the best stress management courses and techniques, we will tell you on how a dog can ward off your everyday stress:

1. Lower blood pressure level

Petting a dog can help you lower blood pressure, which happens to be one of the consequences of stress. Instead of taking medicines and using any other difficult means, what about cuddling a dog to tranquilize your inner self?

2. Banish loneliness

Not only a dog helps you interact continuously with someone, but also it can turn out to be your ultimate ice breaker. You can go to the park to take the pet for a walk, and end up befriending other dog owners in the regular process.

3. Get into the groove of really being active!

As we know that exercise is compulsory to manage stress, it is also true that we are often lazy to live the comfort zone and get the body moving. But dogs help you get a plenty of fresh air and cardio in the form of taking the dog for a walk or running behind it, or even while playing with it at the park.

4. Relax. Chill out!

Dogs help to increase the feel-good hormones in body, and touching it all over or cuddling it can help you to sooth your disturbed soul by releasing endorphins in you, in turn reducing the pulse and heart rate.

5. Improve relationships

The leading and professional stress management classes always focus on reducing stress through building better relationships with people around and dogs magically help in this act. The careful and playful attitude of the dogs make you more inclined to live in the moment , inculcating within you the feelings of friendliness, trust and hence making you ready again to build new relationships and mend the old ones.

6. Laugh more

The weird and funny antics of the furry companions help one get the energy to laugh more, feeling better and reducing stress.

Hence, apart from getting stress management training certification program, petting dogs can actually turn out to be a natural stress buster!

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